Betting exchange is a safe place, where you can bet safely with another punter. Here, the betting exchange companies act as an intermediary and match your bet with other punters. The main benefit is there are no bookmakers or bookies involved. As a result, the prices are more often desirable. Usually, the exchange companies earn by charging a little commission from your winning bets. This may vary from 3% to 5%, but considering this, it is very easy to make money on this exchange system. Often, punters lose the game due to lack of tactics on how to bet on bookies. Hence, it is essential to understand the necessary tactics on how the bookies bet to win. Understand, gambling is a competitive business in respect of placing stakes and balancing other punters to make hefty sum. Hence, bookies vigilantly balance their bets to ensure a favourable outcome.

Benefits of Betting Exchanges over Bookies:

Betting exchange is a new trend in the gambling world. With betting exchange, you can directly back or lay bet against your challenger, and hence there is no need of any intermediary, as you are the real bookie.

In addition, this eliminates the average profit margin earned by standard bookies. Certainly, you can bet through betting exchange, and the entire profit that you make here goes into your pocket.

At times, bookies use betting exchange to their self-advantage. For instance, if a bookie has a large or unfavourable bets and does not want to bet more, he/she may simply lay off or reject those bets and thus cut down the odds against making a hefty profit. However, betting exchange does not allow such systems, as it is a person-to-person betting, where you directly deal with other punters.

Betting exchange companies usually act as a negotiator and charge little sum for the service they offer. Betting exchange is a beneficial way to make extra money, since it enables a punter to bet without making additional payment in applying for a licensed bookmaker. The prices offered in this exchange system range are 20% more reasonable than a standard bookie.

Differences Between Betting Exchange, Bookie, and Bookmaker:

Virtually, when it comes to gambling and betting, betting exchanges cut down the intermediary. Here, normally the intermediary is the bookie. This means a sizable difference in the earnings a bookie earns all through a year.

In addition, with the presence of many online websites, you have the convenience of betting online through betting exchange instead of a bookmaker’s help, who earns all your profit for his/her own sake of earning.

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