What is the warrior life-style? The real warrior is a rare man or woman in present day world. He lives existence with a distinct set of values in comparison with the rest of society. Even individuals who do share the same values, not often stay a life-style which adheres to the ones values to the volume that the warrior does. To most people, ethics are situational. They make decisions in accordance to what’s first-rate for them, in place of what’s proper. This is not the case with the warrior. The warrior values honor, integrity, justice, and his experience of what is right, specially else. His ethics are not situational; they are his manner of lifestyles.  https://hadikurniawan.com

The warrior way of life revolves around a code of ethics which is non-negotiable. The warrior’s code of ethics, or code of honor, is taken very seriously. To the warrior, distinguishing between right and wrong is of the utmost importance. He sees right and wrong in phrases of black and white. He knows that an motion is either honorable or dishonorable. This isn’t always supposed to imply that honor is black and white; honor isn’t that easy.

Those who stay the way of life of the warrior recognize that whether or not or now not an action is honorable, is determined through each one’s intentions and the scenario at hand. This isn’t always to be burdened with situational ethics. The warrior’s ethics do no longer alternate consistent with the state of affairs. His moves will trade as wished, however his ethics continue to be set in stone. There is a big difference among ethics and movements. Ethics determine actions; moves do not determine ethics.

The warrior life-style is involved with what’s proper and what is honorable. A warrior’s ethics revolve round those issues. Justice and honor are fundamental on his mind. His thoughts are targeted on “what is right,” no longer on other humans’s reviews of what is proper. He realizes that many humans profess a belief in absolutes which they neither stay by means of, nor actually accept as true with in, when push comes to shove.

The most effective absolute that the warrior lives with the aid of is that of what’s proper and wrong. If it is not proper, he does not do it. He determines what is proper and incorrect by way of his strict code of ethics, not some arbitrary laws or the politically correct standards of the day. The warrior doesn’t appear like honorable; he’s honorable. Sincerity is ingrained in this life-style. This is a way of life that is supposed to be lived, not fantasized approximately or simply discussed.

This way of life include tons extra than being skilled in the art of war or the artwork of self-protection, despite the fact that these are an crucial part of the lifestyles of the warrior. It also consists of the undertaking to perfect one’s person. This is a method just like the Japanese idea of kaizen. Kaizen may be translated as consistent, by no means-finishing development. True warriors try and apply this concept to each region in their life. They are searching for to balance and improve every region – spirit, mind and body, on a every day foundation.

Each place of your existence is vital and should be kept in stability. Training men in the artwork of struggle or inside the artwork of martial arts, without regard to person, only produces a risky guy; it does no longer produce a warrior. In years beyond, the martial arts masters could now not train someone absolutely till they felt assured of that character’s man or woman. Today maximum faculties will educate all of us who pays, irrespective of their person or lack of person. This is risky records to give to just any and every person who comes along. In my opinion, man or woman must be a prerequisite, now not simplest for martial arts education, but for among the privileges which we revel in in this united states of america.

I am requested frequently whether or no longer I trust that the time period “warrior” have to follow handiest to army women and men who have been in warfare or to educated and experienced fighters. Although I realise that is the literal definition of a warrior, I do not agree with that this is the right definition, not in step with the various bills from beyond warriors anyway. This literal definition of a warrior isn’t always the definition that is used for our dialogue of the warrior life-style in Warrior Wisdom. An ape may be skilled to throw punches and kick, a dog may be educated to fight, but that doesn’t make either of them warriors. Being a warrior includes more than being skilled to combat or being within the navy; it entails man or woman training as nicely. Character training is the authentic purpose of Bushido, the way of the warrior.

Please don’t misunderstand me; I actually have high-quality recognize for our army men and women. But I accept as true with that all of us who has ever served inside the navy will agree that no longer each soldier lives with the aid of the character traits which might be necessary for the warrior life-style, anymore than each martial artist or everybody in standard lives via those standards. I’m no longer taking whatever away from folks who serve our u . S . A .. Every man or woman who serves our united states deserves our respect and gratitude, however provider doesn’t always imply that a person is worried with perfecting his or her character. It is uncommon to find folks who take their ethics severely these days. It is common to find folks who claim to take their ethics critically, however I am regarding folks who walk to the walk, now not just “communicate the talk.”

Yes, the warrior is worried with physical training and the martial arts, however he also knows that character schooling is the cornerstone of the warrior way of life. The genuine warrior need to gain knowledge of in martial arts. His ethics require that he be prepared to shield his own family, friends, or himself in sure situations. In modern international, you never know when you can have to use your martial arts abilities. It is vital which you have this schooling to be as self-reliant and as safe as feasible, but with out a code of ethics, that is based totally on a deep know-how of proper and wrong, there may be no warrior; there is simplest a person trained to fight. There is a difference. Without the character developments of honor, integrity and justice, there may be no warrior lifestyle.

In brief, the warrior lifestyle is for all people who want to live a life of excellence; a life which adheres to a strict code of ethics. You have to be willing to live your existence based on honor, preparedness and what is right. This life-style calls for which you put your ethics before your consolation, and that you put what is right earlier than what’s profitable. It requires filial responsibility, dedication to family and friends, and a willingness to help the ones in need. It calls for independence in thought and movement. This life-style is a selection, now not a career.

This is only a brief introduction to the lifestyle of the warrior. Each of these points may be greatly multiplied and I keep in mind that now not absolutely everyone will consider my assessment. Even in case you disagree with my definition of a warrior or the characteristics of the warrior lifestyle, you will nevertheless find the information on this e book to be very beneficial. Warrior Wisdom seeks to provide the reader with understanding from all through the a long time as a way to help him stay the warrior life-style. This life-style is not a goal to be accomplished, but instead a avenue to be traveled. May you journey this street with honor.

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